Holly  strives for a life filled with creative collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit and an endless supply of frothy lattes and sauvignon blanc. 

With a renaissance-girl background in product development, marketing, fundraising and photography, Holly M loves all-things creative. When she’s not dreaming up a new business, you can find her planning fabulous parties for worthy causes, sipping coffee with girlfriends, and hanging with her favorite little men.

Her recent endeavor, the Hidden Heel™, results from an unfortunate combination of short legs and a desire to remain fashionable in a flat-soled world.

I would be lying if I claimed the Hidden Heel didn't result from my, let's call it, petite stature (5' 1/2", to be exact.) ...I am a serial wedge wearer, and own a total of one pair of flats. I just don't feel sassy in them. Jeans + short legs + flats just doesn't = a good look for me. The only problem is that sometimes flat boots and shoes are essential -- especially if you don't want to look like you're trying too hard. For example: Rain boots. I love the look of Hunter boots, especially with a cute skirt and a fun raincoat, but who wants to feel frumpy on a dreary day?

As a matter of fact, as much as I want the Hidden Heel to give us shorties a height advantage, I've found people of all heights love it! The silicone design acts as a shock absorber and plus, who doesn't prefer the look of their legs and buns when you're wearing a heel? 

The other unexpected lover of my heel is men. Especially men with a tall significant other. I had a feeling the stripe pattern wouldn't fly with this group, so we created the leatherette version, which is much more understated and remains a best kept secret in the dark depths of a man's shoe.

So, if you want to feel taller when you're wearing riding boots, rain boots, sneakers . . . virtually any shoe . . . pop in a Hidden Heel!